MEETINGS     THIRD Saturdays monthly 10am-Noon

Reasons to Attend Support Groups


The sense of shared experience is worth participating in a support group. When you meet with others who have endured the same struggle, you are encouraged. You discover your issues are not unique. Other people understand exactly what you're going through. You're one of a group, rather than one of a kind.


One thing that often happens with support group participation is friendships--friendships that wouldn't have begun for any other reason. These friendships can become rewarding relationships based upon shared conditions or experiences.


The support groups are a source of information. Where else could you go to find pertinent information? What's more, if folks in the group don't have the answers you seek, they'll generally know where to direct you to get answers. Knowledge is power and support groups can help equip you with the knowledge you need to achieve your goals.


Without accountability, it's easy to slide off your program. People who go it alone, often find themselves losing control and veering off course. Support & Recovery groups encourage progress.  
Common Obsessive Thought
Fear of contamination
Fear of causing harm to another
Fear of making mistake
Fear of behaving in a socially unacceptable manner
Common Compulsive Behaviors
Repeated checking
Repeated Cleaning
Excessive Arranging